Deliverable No. Deliverable name Format Language Month of Implementation Beneficiaries
1.1 Report online meeting A Digital English 1
1.2 Report online coordination meeting 1 Digital English 2
1.3 Report online meetings B-D Digital English 3-10
1.4 Midterm project process evaluation Digital English 11
1.5 Report coordination meeting 2 Digital English 14
1.6 Financial intermediate report Digital English 13
1.7 Report online meetings E-G Digital English 12-22
1.8 Report coordination meeting 3 Digital English 24
1.9 Report online meeting H Digital English 24
1.10 Project process evaluation Digital English 24
1.11 Final technical and financial report Printed English 24+
1.12 Four prevention briefs Digital English 3-24
2.1 Distant training (e-learning): version 0.5 Electronic learning platform English and 12 languages 1-12 Project partners, EC, Prevention practitioners in Europe
2.2 Virtual community of practice: version 0.5 website and forum English and languages relevant to enable a professional discourse 1-12 Project partners, EC, Prevention practitioners in Europe
2.3 Training toolkit (workshop concept, trainer manual, competence model, workshop material) Electronic (written manual, presentation) Workshop concept and manual in English, presentations and workshop material in the language of partner countries 1-12 Project partners, EC, Prevention practitioners in Europe
2.4 Improved and adjusted version (1.0) of 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 English and 12 languages of partner countries 12-24 Project partners, EC, Prevention practitioners in Europe
3.1 Methodology and tools for mapping prevention interventions at regional/local level Electronic English 6 Project partners, EC
3.2 Regional prevention intervention analysis Electronic English 8 Project partners, EC
3.3 Registry of locally/regionally available prevention interventions Electronic English and national language 10 Project partners, EC
3.4 Regional prevention implementers recruitment guidelines Electronic English 12 Project partners, EC
3.5 Implementers recruitment report Electronic English 14 Project partners, EC
3.6 Guidelines for adapting interventions to EB prevention interventions Electronic English 18 Project partners, EC
3.7 Prevention interventions report Electronic English 20 Project partners, EC
4.1 Translated and adapted CTC Youth Survey Electronic Estonian, Spanish, Finnish, German, Croatian, Greek, Swedish, Portugese 1-6 Project partners, EC
4.2 Analysis on how information regarding risk- and protective factors is collected in Estonia, Spain, Finland, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Portugal and Croatia – and CTC Youth Survey results from selected regions Electronic English 1-6 Selected regions, project partners, EC
4.3 Guidelines on how to assess the quality of prevention plans and report of selected regions prevention plan assessments Electronic English 12-18 Selected regions, project partners, EC
5.1 Evaluation programme plan Electronic English 1-3 Project partners, EC
5.2 Evaluation tools, protocols and instruments Electronic English 4-22 Project partners, EC
5.3 Final report on impact of training Electronic English 21-24 Project partners, EC
5.4 Publication submitted Electronic English 22-24 Project partners, EC